Stephen King is a master storyteller. This we know. But did you also know that he is a real estate guide? An amusing article appeared on just before Halloween that explained how some of Stephen King’s movies are great for giving out key real estate advice. “The Essential Real Estate Lessons I Learned from Stephen King,” provides an overview of some of King’s most notable films while, according to the article, offering great real estate advice for buyers, sellers and the agents who represent them.

Movies such as “Pet Sematary” — in which a doctor and his family move to a home in Maine that shares its backyard with a Native American burial ground that brings people and animals back from the dead — provides a valuable lesson on knowing the rules of disclosure.

“…if the doctor had actually done his homework, then he might have been better informed about the unearthly goings-on in his backyard,” according to the article, which originally appeared on “Now, if the seller didn’t disclose, that’s another story. Understandably, sellers may not want to reveal certain facts about the property — if it was a crime scene, if a death occurred there, or if pets and people come back to life and wreak havoc until everybody’s dead. But in some states, they’re required to. Plus, if buyers find out the truth later, they can sue if they think the property’s history will hurt its resale value.”

Here are other movies and lessons included in the article:

• “The Mist” – Disaster preparedness is key when a storm hits, especially when it brings along fog with a sinister presence.

• “The Shining” – Vacation home maintenance may be more than you can handle.

• “Secret Window” – Consider the lifestyle, and in the case of this movie, the consequences of living in a very rural area.

• “Cujo” – Hiring a home inspector is a must to make sure there are no rabid pets, or pests in general.

• “Salem’s Lot” – Although its unlikely that your next door neighbor will be a vampire, its best to find out who your neighbors are without alienating them.

These lessons are great to pass on to your clients. If you have a realty guide that you look to for advice, let us know. We’d love to hear about it.