For real estate agents, effective marketing is essential. These hot trends can put a spark in your marketing plan.

The challenge for many is marketing practices are constantly changing and evolving. Real estate agents and others who want to capitalize on the hot new ways to reach their clients, potential clients and others need to stay tuned because trends come and go pretty quickly these days, according to an article updated February 22 by Matthew Toren on

Live video streaming is a hot marketing concept.

Live video streaming provides agents with the ability to host virtual open houses, letting them respond to buyers’ questions in real time.

Streaming live is hot

One of those top trends that fits nicely into real estate is live video streaming. In essence, live video streaming allows others to become instantly and fully immersed in another’s world, according to Toren.

For the real estate agent, this might mean inviting potential buyers to tour a home with you, seeing it as you’re seeing it, but without the potential buyer or buyers having to be there. They can even interact by asking questions during the journey.

Luria Petrucci went into several ways real estate agents can use live streaming video in her blog at Sure, agents can use live video streaming to tell the stories of specific properties or to showcase open houses, but they can also use the marketing approach to educate buyers and sellers. One example, Petrucci wrote, is to go through each step of the buying or selling process or to highlight neighborhoods—even get real-time testimonials from clients.

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Heat up your plan with virtual viewing

Virtual reality, another one of Toren’s marketing trends, was featured last year in as a potential game-changer in real estate. While virtual reality might be unaffordable for individual agents, the technology is well within reach for some companies. It’s yet another option that could make the necessity of seeing a home in person a thing of the past.

The marketing option will take hold as more people purchase virtual reality headsets. Wearing those headsets, they’ll be able to view properties in 3-D.

Location-based marketing sizzles

The third marketing trend making waves is location-based marketing. Thanks to consumer mobile applications, agents who tap the technology trend often know where their clients and potential clients are. In industries outside real estate, like retail, department stores are using location-based marketing to entice buyers (with coupons, for example), while those buyers are in their stores. The marketing strategy can also be used to lure buyers out of competitors’ stores, according to

Location-based marketing is a hot new marketing trend.

Thanks to consumer mobile applications, real estate agents who use location-based marketing can know which neighborhoods their clients and potential clients frequent.

Real estate agent Brandon Doyle wrote about how location-based marketing led him to Pokémon Go for his business on An example of how to use Pokémon Go, according to Doyle, is to drive curb appeal by highlighting Pokestops close to listings.

These and other marketing trends are making it possible for real estate agents and others to target marketing efforts, to the point that potential buyers driving through a community can get welcoming messages or information about properties in that area.

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