Driverless cars likely to steer real estate decisions

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Driverless cars could have substantial impact on real estate, affecting everything from how communities are designed and whether or not people are likely to age in place.

Three benefits of blockchain in real estate

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Blockchain technology benefits real estate through faster transactions times, less risk and more transparency.

To get a handle on analytics, first understand the data

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Analytics provides real estate agents with the information they need to identify patterns and market trends, better understand changes in market demand, predict seasonal changes and ultimately identify areas that have the largest potential to become hot real estate markets.

In real estate, the human touch prevails

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Despite expert predictions of their demise, real estate agents still provide a much-needed human experience.

Fast-moving real estate markets make the list in March

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Spring has barely begun, and already the home buying and selling season is in full swing.

Study: Referrals are critical to real estate success

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A new report examines the agent-to-agent referral, which is a critical component for success in the real estate industry. Among the report’s findings: agent-to-agent close rates are around 50%.

Tips for steering clear of legal issues in 2017

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Real estate agents and brokers often worry about the day-to-day operations of their businesses, and legal problems can be among the most stressful and expensive.

Financial planning and real estate: A match made in financial heaven?

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IAM companies put asset class professionals, including real estate experts, under the same roof as financial planners. And the experts overlap when necessary to offer high levels of expertise in important areas of investment.

Accessibility obligations go beyond brick and mortar

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Consumers rely more than ever on websites when searching for a new home, so it only makes sense real estate companies should make their sites accessible to people with disabilities.

Homebuyers’ questions should vary by region

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Finding the right real estate agent can make all the difference when buying a home, so it’s important for homebuyers to know what questions to ask as they screen potential agents in a particular region or neighborhood.