Outlook good for real estate, sources say

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For real estate agents, rising home prices mean rising commissions. More inventory on the market means more sales opportunities.

In real estate, the human touch prevails

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Despite expert predictions of their demise, real estate agents still provide a much-needed human experience.

Drones set the scene in real estate marketing

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These videos offer potential buyers a feel for not only the home, but its environment and lifestyle, which can make a bigger emotional impact.

Smart home innovations: Agents must know what clients want

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More than 40% of REALTORS® say their residential clients are asking about smart homes and smart home technology — from smart locks, lights and thermostats to full home automation with voice commands.

7 financial strategies for retirement success

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About half of all real estate brokers and sales agents were self-employed in 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, making them particularly vulnerable because they have no company-sponsored retirement plans.