Outlook good for real estate, sources say

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For real estate agents, rising home prices mean rising commissions. More inventory on the market means more sales opportunities.

Tips for steering clear of legal issues in 2017

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Real estate agents and brokers often worry about the day-to-day operations of their businesses, and legal problems can be among the most stressful and expensive.

More real estate predictions for 2017

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The new year will likely signal an end to seven years of historically low mortgage rates, with rates already starting to creep up at 2016’s end.

Text messages could be binding in real estate transactions

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Two real estate cases in Massachusetts should make real estate agents think twice before sending texts related to potential transactions.

The unspoken rules of handling high-end clients

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Real estate agents who have successful carved niches serving high-end clients know the dos and don’ts of making it in this discretionary market.

Is cold-calling really personal contact?

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Cold-calling may be a good way to get a listing, but it isn't the only way. Yet that is the belief of many real estate agents, who also believe that cold-calling is personal contact.

3 ways to market yourself “Don Draper” style

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Don Draper’s character, as a brilliant creative director on the hit TV series Mad Men, might have been based on the advertising world in the 1960s, but what he said still has the power to transform real estate agents’ marketing strategies today.