Stay ahead of the market curve with predictive analytics

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Knowing future market trends is a big plus for real estate agents. Predictive analytics provides that competitive edge.

Co-living moves beyond the student set

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Real estate developers in New York and Chicago are discovering there is a market for co-living beyond the student population.

Housing market predictions for 2017: Slow, moderate growth

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The recently released 2017 housing forecast predicts the Phoenix market will be No. 1 among the top 100 largest metro areas in the nation and Chicago to be last on the list.

Seniors housing trends and what they might mean

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Since peaking in mid-2015, the seniors housing and care sector has slowed to its most sluggish pace since the middle of 2013.

Fall housing trends make for hot markets

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Traditionally, fall is the time of year when real estate markets tend to slow. This fall, however, markets are heating up.