Agents: simple safety checks can prevent big problems

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Real estate agents are required to disclose a home’s material defects to buyers before selling a home. But agents can’t disclose what they don’t know. Enter the simple safety check. Despite mandatory disclosures and even a thorough home inspection, sometimes important safety issues [...]

Real estate has its own superhero squad

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Movies featuring superheroes have been all the rage in recent years. None have been more successful than those that showcase a squad of members who, with their collective super powers, overcome obstacles to get the job done.

How to explain “as is” to your client

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Your clients have found an "as is" home but they're not exactly sure what they're getting into. As their advocate, it's up to you, the real estate agent, to explain exactly what that entails.

OnCourse Learning announces new website

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OnCourse Learning has launched a new website geared toward providing its real estate customers with a central space to access the company's multitude of training opportunities and workforce solutions.

Tackling unexpected obstacles when buying or selling a home

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Obstacles that threaten residential real estate purchases or sales that are under contract don’t happen that often. But when they do, buyers and sellers often find themselves in a tailspin.

Common mistakes when buying a short sale

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Purchasing a short sale property may seem like a great financial move, but there could be hidden costs that make such a purchase a bad idea.