Movies featuring superheroes have been all the rage in recent years and none have been more successful than those that showcase a squad of members who, with their collective super powers, overcome obstacles to get the job done. Real estate also has a squad of superheroes — a team of professionals who help clients fulfill their dream of owning a home.

“Real estate has its own set of superheroes,” wrote Denise Creswell, president of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, in an article for The Tennessean. “Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, each member of your team has special skills necessary to help you achieve homeownership.”

Each of Creswell’s superheroes serves a particular purpose in a real estate transaction:

The Realtor — The leader of the team, the Realtor may represent either the buyer or seller in the real estate transaction. As the Realtor, you handle all the tasks associated with listing, marketing and showing the home. The Realtor is also “a referral source for the other members of your team.”

The lender — The mortgage lender is the team’s money person. If they are financing the purchase, the buyers will need to be approved for a mortgage. This team member will help them determine which financing option is best for them.

The inspector — A crucial part of the team, the home inspector is charged with evaluating the home’s condition and mechanical structures, according to Creswell. The home inspector may be hired by the buyer or the seller, who can commission a pre-inspection of the property.

The title company — This squad member assists both buyer and seller by checking for any liens against the property. If any are found, the seller must ensure the property has a clear title before it exchanges owners. In addition, the title company coordinates the closing, obtains payoff information from the seller and prepares the closing disclosure, among other duties.

Each of these entities plays a key role in the real estate transaction, but they are not the only squad members who may contribute.

Who are some of the unconventional players on your squad? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: “Assembling your superhero real estate team,” (Sept. 11, 2016)