OnCourse Publishing author and Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty chair and professor David Geltner, PhD, was interviewed by The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review website for a 2-part interview by investor Ian Ippolito. The interviews were conducted by Ippolito, creator of the website, who recognized Geltner’s accomplishments as the lead author of the textbook, Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investments, along with “two fascinating papers” on commercial real estate recessions.

David Geltner

Ippolito reached out to Geltner, an expert in commercial real estate research, for the interviews, which appeared on the website in October. Geltner’s textbook was recognized by Ippolito as “the most widely-cited real estate investment textbook in the world.”

“It’s my pleasure to interview Professor David Geltner, who is one of the foremost authorities on commercial real estate research,” Ippolito wrote in the first of two articles,  “What will the next downturn look like?”

Geltner holds a number of positions at MIT including faculty chair of its Center for Real Estate (CRE), Master of Science in Real Estate Development program; associate director of research at the CRE; professor of real estate finance in the department of Urban Studies & Planning; and director of Rea. He is the author of “Commercial Real Estate and the 1990-91 Recession in the United States” and “Real Estate Price Indices & Price Dynamics: An Overview from an Investments Perspective,” and was tapped for this article and the second in the series by Ippolito, “Investing Tips from MIT’s Dr. David Geltner,” to provide insight into what he believes the next economic downturn will bring and to offer Ippolito’s readers tips on investing to help their portfolios grow.

In the second article, Geltner answers such questions as whether investing in commercial real estate or housing is the better long-term hedge against inflation and explains why he believes commercial real estate hasn’t received the same academic economic attention as stocks and bonds and housing.

Geltner also served as academic advisor to the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries and director of MIT’s Commercial Real Estate Data Laboratory, which helped develop pioneering commercial property price and investment performance indices. In addition to Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investments, which is in its third printing, he is co-author of two other books on real estate published by OnCourse Publishing.