New York State now allows people to take New York real estate appraisal courses online.

The statewide education requirement changes mean New York residents—whether they live in rural areas or the big city—can learn to become real estate property appraisers from the comfort of home and don’t have to attend brick and mortar classes.

This change, along with newly adopted revisions to the AQB Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria, which lowers the education requirement for real estate property appraisal licensure to an associate’s degree, removes what once were obstacles to entering and advancing in the profession, according to Eric Solecki, vice president, Real Estate Product Management for OnCourse Learning.


An attractive career choice

Eric Solecki

The real estate appraisal profession is attractive for a number of reasons, Solecki says. Appraisers’ salaries are competitive with those in other professions, and, with relaxed education requirements, more people can advance in the career.

“People with associate degrees are now eligible to be at higher levels of licensure within the appraisal field. At the higher levels, you also generate more salary,” Solecki says.

There is currently a demand for appraisers nationally, and it’s an extremely flexible job, according to Solecki.

“You’re able to pick and choose the appraisals you actually take on—what jobs you want to take. You can schedule at your convenience,” he says.

And while it’s necessary to be on-site when conducting actual appraisals, appraisers have the freedom to fill out the forms and officially submit the appraisals from any remote location, Solecki says.

Now that the educational options for appraisal training have increased for New York State residents, it’s important to carefully choose the best education partner. It absolutely matters where people go for their appraisal courses, Solecki says.

Choosing an education provider

“If you’re interested in becoming an appraiser, I strongly encourage you to research the education companies thoroughly to make they sure hold the necessary school providership approvals, have all their courses approved by the necessary regulatory bodies, and that they have some industry clout and history–they’ve been providing education for a period of time with strong student success rates,” Solecki says.

Among those important regulatory bodies: The International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC), Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB), as well as the regulatory body in each state that approve course content.

Students also want a company that offers support and has the resources necessary to provide instructors and subject-matter experts for the best educational experience possible, Solecki says.

OnCourse Learning Real Estate

OnCourse Learning was the first online education provider to receive approval from the New York Department of State Division of Licensing Services to offer New York real estate appraisal qualifying courses online. A national education provider, OnCourse Learning provides online appraisal qualifying courses in all 46 states (including DC) that allow them.

OnCourse Learning Real Estate is a trusted source of training, licensing and continuing education. It has helped more than 650,000 real estate, appraisal and home inspection professionals begin and advance their careers through a blend of e-learning, instructor-led courses and textbooks.