Build an engaged social media audience

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The right social media platform, unique content and posting consistency all lead to an engaged social media audience.

How to deliver a high-value message to your clients

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During an interview, well-known online marketer Joe Polish said, “You know, there’s only one difference between a dollar bill and a hundred-dollar bill.” That got my attention.

Agents share tips for riding the short-term rental wave

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As vacation home rental companies like and grow in popularity, real estate agents have the opportunity to get in on the short-term rental business.

Top metrics to boost your real estate business

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Using the right Google Analytics metrics can help you focus your marketing efforts.

Marketing intelligence: What business leaders need to know

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Marketing intelligence is a series of data-driven strategies and tactics that help to understand the market landscape and make better business decisions.

Healthcare report: Real estate can affect patient care

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Healthcare report says real estate can play a key role in helping healthcare facilities achieve long-term financial stability and success.

How to master the concept of big data

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Analytics and what is referred to as “big data” are changing the way real estate professionals, buyers, sellers, developers and financial institutions think about property transactions.

Digital marketing ideas to push your real estate content

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Although real estate agents have mastered content marketing, there are still areas where they can share their great content with those who may not otherwise see it.

Understanding the first-time home buyer

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First-time home buyers account for more than half of all future home-buying potential. The more real estate agents know about this demographic, the better they can serve their home-buying needs.

Stay ahead of the market curve with predictive analytics

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Knowing future market trends is a big plus for real estate agents. Predictive analytics provides that competitive edge.