Stay ahead of the market curve with predictive analytics

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Knowing future market trends is a big plus for real estate agents. Predictive analytics provides that competitive edge.

Harness the power of Google Analytics

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Syncing Google Analytics with your real estate website is an absolute necessity for REALTORS® today.

Three benefits of blockchain in real estate

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Blockchain technology benefits real estate through faster transactions times, less risk and more transparency.

To get a handle on analytics, first understand the data

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Analytics provides real estate agents with the information they need to identify patterns and market trends, better understand changes in market demand, predict seasonal changes and ultimately identify areas that have the largest potential to become hot real estate markets.

Experts discuss what’s in store for appraisers

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Appraisal industry experts address whether technology will replace appraisers and other weighty topics. To gain greater insight into these important topics, OnCourse Real Estate interviewed one of the panelists and The Appraisal Foundation's Director of Appraisal Issues.

Residents of senior housing communities want tech, too

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As baby boomers begin to replace the older silent generation in senior housing communities, technology access is becoming a basic amenity.

Remote deals, eClosings: Client-friendly tech for home buying

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Remote transactions, speedier mortgage approval times and eClosings make for sleeker and faster real estate deals.

Outlook good for real estate, sources say

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For real estate agents, rising home prices mean rising commissions. More inventory on the market means more sales opportunities.

In real estate, the human touch prevails

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Despite expert predictions of their demise, real estate agents still provide a much-needed human experience.

Get the most from face-to-face networking

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Despite today’s focus on social media and digital marketing, good old face-to-face networking remains a foundation of business success.