.Homes domain names available for purchase

Dominion Enterprises, the parent company of Homes.com, is now offering URLs with the .homes domain to real estate professionals or companies with their own registered trademark.

Mortgage help for credit-less first-time homebuyers

Sponsored by the Federal Housing Administration, an FHA mortgage's guidelines direct lenders to look at all aspects of a mortgage application, not just the credit profile.

Tech startup makes waves in Miami real estate

Tech startups like Home61 and New York City-based Compass are just two of a growing number of tech companies that are cashing in on the billion dollar real estate industry.

Mortgage wait period shortened for credit-challenged borrowers

Fannie Mae's mandatory wait period has been reduced from four years to two, allowing borrowers who have experienced a significant derogatory event to re-apply for a mortgage sooner.

Study: suburban renters increase, affordable housing declines

According to the report released Mar. 16, about 29% of metropolitan-area suburbanites were renters in 2014, an increase from 23% in 2006. That is nearly 22 million more renters than 8 years ago.

Good news abounds for the housing market

Over the next decades, more than $30 trillion will be passed from baby boomers to millennials, and Vafai’s analysis is that will fuel a strong, long-lasting housing boom.

Homebuyers see the future with virtual reality

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While the images aren’t quite photo realistic nor do they completely replace an agent’s explanation, adopting VR could boost presales at multiunit buildings that aren’t yet complete.

Better photographs could mean better sales

Contrary to what you might have heard, a buyer's first impression is no longer that special moment when they first pull up to check out your curb appeal.

Incorporate music into your selling strategy

Neutral music will certainly be better than none, as long you make sure it is background music and not rocking the rafters.

What blockchain could mean to the real estate industry

While technology makes it easier to forge documents, where criminals can digitally create fraudulent notary stamps or grant deeds, blockchain has the potential to use technology to eradicate fraud through the use of digital ownership certificates.