Mortgage execs: Keep clients’ info secure

With the right technology partners, mortgage executives can stay current on the latest in digital security measures and consumer protection regulations without being overwhelmed.

NAR: Single women rank #2 among U.S. home buyers

According to the NAR data, single women have consistently purchased more homes than single men, who accounted for just 9% of homes purchased.

Mortgage advice buyers shouldn’t take

When it comes to getting a mortgage, one size does not fit all and home buyers should be leery of some mortgage advice they receive.

Mortgage tips for student loan borrowers

Homeownership is a dream of many Americans and thanks to government programs, even your clients with little or no credit can achieve that dream. But what about those who are putting off buying a home because they have student loans?

Credit scores may keep millennials from homeownership

Close to a third of those age 18 to 34 hope to purchase a home within the next year, but more than 40% of them may not have credit scores high enough to do so.

Online real estate courses now available in print

The books, with course topics that range from how to properly price a home to an in-depth discussion of green real estate, provide an additional method of learning.

Make everyday Earth Day for you and your clients

Realtor Cindy Caskey of the Hampton Roads Realtors Association, discusses how you can help sellers by including any green amenities in their property listings and buyers by providing tips on what to look for before purchasing a home.

NAR REach announces its tech stars for 2016

This year’s class represents an incredibly diverse mix of organizations that are providing both real estate professionals and their clients with tools and resources to simplify and elevate their personal and professional lives in a real, tangible way.

3 trends happening now in real estate

Real estate experts say that six months of housing inventory equals a balanced market. Anything fewer tilts the market toward sellers.

Why do I need a real estate agent anyway?

There are many apps and services available that allow home buyers, sellers and renters to essentially bypass brokers and real estate agents in a real estate transaction, so why do your clients need you?