Mortgage basics for investing in a home

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Acting as a guide to mortgages and personal finances isn’t really in the job description for a real estate agent, but it’s a job that’s desperately needed.

How mortgage brokers can use social media marketing

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If you think social media marketing isn’t as relevant or important for mortgage brokers as it is for real estate agents and others in the industry, think again.

U.S. housing markets trend toward renting versus buying

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Housing markets in several U.S. cities are moving into rent territory, according to the latest data from a national buy versus rent index.

Remote deals, eClosings: Client-friendly tech for home buying

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Remote transactions, speedier mortgage approval times and eClosings make for sleeker and faster real estate deals.

10 mortgage misconceptions to share with clients in 2017

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Educating homebuyers about mortgage misconceptions related to down payments, credit requirements and other issues might ease the process of them applying for a loan – even if a slight uptick in rates occurs in 2017.

More real estate predictions for 2017

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The new year will likely signal an end to seven years of historically low mortgage rates, with rates already starting to creep up at 2016’s end.

Real estate has its own superhero squad

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Movies featuring superheroes have been all the rage in recent years. None have been more successful than those that showcase a squad of members who, with their collective super powers, overcome obstacles to get the job done.

Agents, lenders find a win-win with Homes for Heroes

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What began as a successful real estate broker’s desire to help American heroes on a local scale after 9/11 has blossomed into the nationwide Homes for Heroes.

Fannie Mae adds perks to its green financing program

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In September, Fannie Mae announced changes to its Multifamily Green Financing program that are aimed at enticing more borrowers to use green lending products.

Fall housing trends make for hot markets

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Traditionally, fall is the time of year when real estate markets tend to slow. This fall, however, markets are heating up.