Design a marketing plan to envy with new Digital Resource Guide

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Aimed at both seasoned and novice real estate professionals, this comprehensive guide includes traditional and digital marketing ideas on branding, choosing the right marketing strategies for your audience and more.

Handling objection: 5 ways to do it better

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Handling objection is a skill. Honing that skill leads to better negotiations and, most likely, more contracts and closings.

Online training modernizes real estate learning

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The ultimate goal for online learning is to modernize real estate education without sacrificing quality.

Experts discuss what’s in store for appraisers

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Appraisal industry experts address whether technology will replace appraisers and other weighty topics. To gain greater insight into these important topics, OnCourse Real Estate interviewed one of the panelists and The Appraisal Foundation's Director of Appraisal Issues.

Outlook good for real estate, sources say

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For real estate agents, rising home prices mean rising commissions. More inventory on the market means more sales opportunities.

How to decide if real estate is the right career for you

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Enrolling in an online or brick-and-mortar real estate school could be the first step toward a satisfying career, if you have what it takes to do the job.

Financial planning and real estate: A match made in financial heaven?

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IAM companies put asset class professionals, including real estate experts, under the same roof as financial planners. And the experts overlap when necessary to offer high levels of expertise in important areas of investment.

AQB proposes new appraisal qualification requirements

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The Appraiser Qualifications Board released its most recent proposed changes on Sept. 15 to the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria. These changes, if approved, will impact the qualifications needed to become a property appraiser.

Homebuyers’ questions should vary by region

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Finding the right real estate agent can make all the difference when buying a home, so it’s important for homebuyers to know what questions to ask as they screen potential agents in a particular region or neighborhood.

7 career must-dos for new real estate agents

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You've just graduated from a fully accredited real estate program and now you're ready to start your career. Not so fast. There are several things you need to do first, all of which will put you on the path to success.