OnCourse Learning offers new continuing education courses

Through its ProSchools and Career Webschool, OnCourse Learning has released three courses for real estate in Tennessee, Hawaii, and Colorado.

Hot real estate markets to watch in 2016

McLaughlin determined his list by analyzing five metrics: strong job growth over the past year, low vacancy rates, high affordability, more inbound home searches than outbound, and a large share of millennials.

Curb colder climates’ impact on home sales

Harsh winter weather puts a damper on sales when they might have already slowed because many families time their home buying based on the school year.

What it takes to sell historic homes, Pt. 2

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Agents who want to learn more about marketing historic homes need to spend time learning about “as is” clauses; definitions of styles/periods of homes and condition issues, which are “monumental” on some sales.

Fewer appraisers still cause for concern

At an Appraisal Foundation meeting held last month, the organization's qualifications board held a hearing to gather comments and suggestions.

Interesting — and just plain weird — stuff found in homes

Imagine moving into a new home and finding dozens of chicken carcasses behind your walls. That's exactly what greeted one Pennsylvania family when doing some renovations to their newly purchased home.

What it takes to sell historic homes, Part 1

To effectively sell historic properties, real estate agents need to understand historical architectural styles, such as Victorian, Federal and Greek Revival.

Welcome to the gayborhood!

The article, “Gayborhoods: Real estate’s mysterious same-sex couple premium,” cites a 2001 study that found in cities where there were a higher concentration of those identifying as gay and also were technologically progressive, these cities also would be economically vibrant.

Quirky home? Sold!

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We’ve heard the stories of seemingly unsellable homes. The homes that are said to be haunted or the site of a murder. Sometimes, homes are just plain odd. We asked real estate agents around the country to share their quirky home sale stories and how they overcame those challenges.

Things are looking up for the appraisal industry

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Those who stick it out and make it to the top of their profession can expect to earn $90,000 a year or more with flexible hours. Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities should be best for those who are able to switch specialties and appraise different types of properties.