As the use of technology in real estate progresses, agents must keep up or be left behind. The use of Snapchat is no exception.

Snapchat, a messaging app with content that disappears after 10 seconds or less, has 100 million daily active users, according to the article “7 reasons Snapchat fuels real estate sales” by Mayra Alejandra on

“According to Inman’s special report about the industry’s use of social media, Facebook is still seen as the most important platform among real estate professionals, but Snapchat is quickly becoming an important addition to brokers’ strategies,” Alejandra CEO and co-founder of Makeshake in Nashville, Tenn., wrote in the article.

Alejandra listed seven reasons agents should use Snapchat to sell or rent property:

  1. Showcase a realistic perspective of your listing: Using photos and video through one’s smartphone, an agent can share an unfiltered view of a listing from the agent’s perspective.
  2. Grab customers’ full attention. Knowing the content will go away quickly, viewers are forced to pay closer attention to Snapchat than other forms of social media.
  3. Share information faster. An agent can share a photo or video without worrying about “likes” or image quality.
  4. Build trust and your personal brand. Because the content is raw, it is more authentic and relatable to viewers.
  5. Earn referrals from your network. Building relationships through Snapchat is faster because of its “face-to-face” style of interaction.
  6. Make your open house more interactive. An agent can use On-Demand Geofilters, which are sticker-like custom graphics that overlay users’ photos for a certain location or timeframe, during an open house. Guests sharing their posts using these geofilters will make their friends aware of the listing and company.
  7. Convert nearby people into clients. An agent can set up a geofilter and activate the geofence, or coverage of the image location, to include nearby businesses.

How effective is Snapchat? Los Angeles agent Stephen Udoff, aka “Sunset Steve,” recently rented out an $80,000-a-month property in Malibu, Calif., using only Snapchat, according to the article “Community accomplishment: using only Snapchat to sell real estate” by Gary Vaynerchuk on

Udoff said in the article he did a “Snapchat walkthrough” in which he “snapped the front door and what it’s like to walk through the kitchen, the family room, and outside to the beach. Then I showed the bathrooms, bedrooms, and finally the master bedroom.

“… The tenant never had to take a look at in person. She said she got a ‘better feel’ from watching the snaps than the photos online. She felt as if she was actually there walking into the house for the first time.”