Don Draper’s character, as a brilliant creative director on the hit TV series “Mad Men,” might have been based on the advertising world in the 1960s, but what he said still has the power to transform real estate agents’ marketing strategies today.

Jill Weittenhiller, marketing manager at Housefax, highlighted a few of Draper’s quotes and how they resonate in modern marketing in a recent article on

Here are Weittnhiller’s three tips from “How to market yourself like ‘Mad Men.'”

Draper’s wisdom: “Success comes from standing out, not fitting in.”

You can’t stand out if you’re trying to market to everyone. You have to hone your market. Find that population of people who are aligned with what you do best. Maybe that’s luxury properties. Maybe it’s rural homes.

Then, work to stand out from the crowd to those people. How do you stand out? It’ll be difficult if you’re using the same marketing strategies as your competitors. Think out of the box to position yourself as an expert to your target market. Rather than running an advertisement, consider hosting an in-person or online workshop, which offers valuable information to your target market.

The idea is to provide something of value and consider doing it for free. You want to get in front of people and establish your expertise. Another idea is offer free home valuations.

Once you connect with people, keep the connection going by building on the relationships with creative, useful reminders, including free educational blogs or newsletters, according to Weittenhiller.

Draper’s wisdom: “The day you sign a client is the day you start losing one.”

As with any relationship, the beginning is the honeymoon period. The trick is to bridge the gap from the honeymoon to relationship reality, by making clients want to stay and not stray.

You do this by continuing to offer value beyond helping clients find the right home. Continue to offer the skills that clients rank as most important among real estate agents: responsiveness, as well as knowledge of the purchase process and of the real estate market, according to Weittenhiller.

Draper’s Wisdom: You, feeling something, that’s what sells.”

Feeling something goes beyond what’s on the surface. Translating the thought to the real estate agent-client relationship: feeling something means understanding what motivates clients and why. For example: Why are they moving out of the big city? And what are all their goals and hopes from the move?

This is what separates a loose connection with clients with something stronger. Getting to know your clients will help you earn their trust as a resource, advisor and friend, according to Weittenhiller.