Get the most out of Twitter advertising

Use Twitter's data analytics to see how your campaigns are doing, checking the metrics often to determine if you are where you want to be.

Study shows value of continuing education, networking

A newly released study shows real estate agents rank continuing education as a valuable and necessary part of their career.

REITs struggled on the S&P 500 last year

Investors were excited by news that real estate would become the S&P 500s’ 11th sector in September 2016, but that enthusiasm waned as the sector struggled to gain momentum, ending the year as an under performer.

Smart home innovations: Agents must know what clients want

More than 40% of REALTORS® say their residential clients are asking about smart homes and smart home technology — from smart locks, lights and thermostats to full home automation with voice commands.

Quick tips for would-be appraisers

Appraisers, the real estate professionals who estimate the value of land and buildings, work nationwide and the need for these professionals is constant.

Real estate agents: Get with the (video) program

Real estate agents who aren’t onboard with the use of video are being left behind, and the excuses that it’s too difficult, takes too much time or is too expensive just won’t fly.

Co-living moves beyond the student set

Real estate developers in New York and Chicago are discovering there is a market for co-living beyond the student population.

The high-rise living debate: How healthy is it?

The debate about the health risks of living in high-rise buildings has been going on since the first skyscrapers were built in the late 1800s, but not everyone agrees high-rise living is harmful.

What’s trending in home design this year?

Keeping up with the latest design trends is crucial for real estate agents, whether they are working for a buyer or a seller.

Facebook frenzy: Video shoots, marketing campaigns and more

Why Facebook? The potential is there. Nearly 80% of U.S. adults are Facebook users. Other social media platforms don’t come close.