Marijuana is lighting up commercial real estate markets

Legalized marijuana has done more than ignite social debate and fueled tax revenue. It also has changed real estate market dynamics in states that have legalized sale of the drug for recreational or medical purposes.

Always be helping: How to create a delightful sales experience

Today’s sales gurus are pitching a softer side to selling, making the experience delightful for all involved.

Help your clients lift a low residential appraisal

Your clients have recently had their home appraised and are shocked at the results. According to the appraiser's report, the value of their home is significantly lower than they were expecting. What do they do now?

Experts discuss what’s in store for appraisers

Appraisal industry experts address whether technology will replace appraisers and other weighty topics. To gain greater insight into these important topics, OnCourse Real Estate interviewed one of the panelists and The Appraisal Foundation's Director of Appraisal Issues.

Client appreciation, with laughter and giving on the side

For many in real estate, an annual party to thank clients for their business is the way to go, but Mike McElroy of Center Coast Realty in Chicago, would rather take a January dip in the Chicago River than host one of those affairs.

Residents of senior housing communities want tech, too

As baby boomers begin to replace the older silent generation in senior housing communities, technology access is becoming a basic amenity.

Remote deals, eClosings: Client-friendly tech for home buying

Remote transactions, speedier mortgage approval times and eClosings make for sleeker and faster real estate deals.

Outlook good for real estate, sources say

For real estate agents, rising home prices mean rising commissions. More inventory on the market means more sales opportunities.

In real estate, the human touch prevails

Despite expert predictions of their demise, real estate agents still provide a much-needed human experience.

Get the most from face-to-face networking

Despite today’s focus on social media and digital marketing, good old face-to-face networking remains a foundation of business success.