How to decide if real estate is the right career for you

Enrolling in an online or brick-and-mortar real estate school could be the first step toward a satisfying career, if you have what it takes to do the job.

Customer service: Tips for blending the old and new

It’s easy to rely on computer-generated analytics when getting to know your customers, but other elements such as learning more about your clients likes and dislikes also contribute to successful customer service.

12 ways to boost your personal brand

Having a great product or service is one thing, but entrepreneurs are discovering they need to sell themselves to their customers, too.

Tips for building a better-performing sales team

Sales teams are the backbone of most businesses, and real estate is no exception. Author Bob Marsh offered some advice to sales leaders on how to make a modern sales team better and more effective.

Millennials will change real estate as we know it

Millennials, born 1981 to 1997, think and act differently about home ownership than their older baby boomer counterparts. Why does it matter? The millennial generation, which in 2017 will be roughly 20 to 36 years old, has become America’s largest living generation.

More real estate predictions for 2017

The new year will likely signal an end to seven years of historically low mortgage rates, with rates already starting to creep up at 2016’s end.

How to boost ROI from Facebook ads

ROI from Facebook was better than Twitter, YouTube and other popular paid online advertising options. But, while a promising resource for leads and new business, agents are underusing Facebook.

Real estate agents embrace social media’s power

An overwhelming percentage of real estate professionals are using social media, and it’s with good reason. New data suggest social media—especially Facebook—offers real estate agents’ businesses valuable benefits.

Belief certainty: A crucial element of persuasion

To get someone or a group of people to not only believe in what you’re communicating but also act on the opinion you’ve planted takes persuasion to a higher level.

Buy a home in December? Here’s why it’s a good idea

The holiday season isn’t known to be a boon to real estate agents and their clients. But could it be that agents, home buyers and sellers are missing important benefits of real estate transactions in December?